Zooartistica is the paleo-art  illustration portfolio site of Jaime Chirinos an enthusiastic, imaginative illustrator and an alumni of the School of Visual Arts who misses NY a bunch but now enjoys the quiet suburbs of Washington DC. Inspired by maybe too many Godzilla movies and Sci-fi cartoons from the 70s and 80s Jaime began drawing creatures of all types at very early age, as he recalls “there were always things popping in by the edge of the pages of my schools books, so I traced over them”. This became a hard habit to break so he still does this on every piece of paper he finds when there is a chance. Jaime artistic career finally inclined to paleo-art thanks to the works of Mark Hallett, James Gurney, Gregory S. Paul, and Raul Martin to whom he looks up to and hopes to be like when he grows up.
Jaime’s artworks have been used in various scientific and educational articles all over the world such as Science Illustrated, Scholastic books, the BBC’s website Nature Prehistoric Life and the National Geographic’s series Monster Fish, to name a few. Click on the ‘Publications’ link on the left to preview some of these works.